Mosquito Control During The Summer

In the summer seasons, many things happen that happen at no other time. Barbecues are perhaps the most iconic in American culture, whether they’re the classic fresh grilled burgers, a thick steak, an array of juicy vegetables or even more exotic meals. Swimming pools and water parks are also well beloved by children and adults who are still young at heart and have just enough energy to enjoy the water to their heart’s content.

And of course, there are simply warm summer nights with the people we love. But summer is not always easy. The heat can be sweltering and dehydration can be common in both children and adults who are not ready for one reason or another and the heat can wreck havoc with all manner of delicate internal systems, ranging from smartphones to indoor climate control.

One particular danger of summer lies in mosquitoes. Though nobody likes receiving a bug bite due to the irritation and potential for scarring, the fact is mosquitoes are more dangerous than they seem. Because these vermin steal the blood of mammals, they also steal a number of bacterial and viral contagions that persist in the mosquitoes’ bodies. Though it can take a while for the sickness to really set in, once it does, a terrifying number of contagions can afflict victims.

The most infamous of these contagions is malaria, and while Americans may consider that a disease of far off tropical places, the fact is that malaria and its associated potentially fatal dangers can and do happen in the American Midwest, including Ohio. Thus, for many residents of Ohio with a mosquito infestation, many feel it a good idea to hire a professional to get rid of these dangerous pests.

For those who wish to deal with these toxic pests, help is more than available. In the Centerville, Springboro, Beavercreek, Mason, West Chester, Loveland, Maineville, Lebanon, Dayton and Liberty Township areas, the best lawn care professionals work for Ziehler Lawn and Tree Care of Ohio. Ziehler Lawn and Tree Care offers a full fledged mosquito removal service that focuses not only on ridding a yard of these dangerous pests, but also works to ensure the health and safety of your family in the process. Ziehler uses entirely organic and ecologically friendly methods of killing mosquitoes that will safely and cleanly biodegrade when their work of purging the insects has been accomplished.

Getting mosquitoes of a customer’s yard and keeping them out the entire summer season is the purpose of Ziehler’s Mosquito Guard treatments. With a quick initial response (typically within 48 hours) followed by a thorough inspection of your property during your first treatment, results will be swift and effective. Targeted applications of our mosquito killing substances will focus heavily on places where mosquitioes gather and breed, such as still waters. The application of these organic substances will be monthly for customers who sign up for the Mosquito guard treatment over the course of the mosquito season. Finally, they will do a totally free retreatment if something does bring the mosquitoes back.