Stink Bug Shield

Ziehler Stink Bug Shield

Prevent the Latest, Smelliest and Most Annoying House Guest

What’s included with the Ziehler Stink Bug Shield service?

  • Application to create a barrier to the home – areas include are all wall surfaces, soffit vents, under eves, attic vents, cracks, door and window jams, etc.
  • Homes will be treated in a 2-step process using both mist blowers and backpack sprayers
ohio stink bugs
  • Insects controlled include Box Elder Bugs, Stink Bugs, Lady Bugs, Kudzu Bugs and other insects.
  • Detailed notes from the technician emailed to you at the completion of the service.
  • Guaranteed service for the remainder of the year as long as the treatment in applied prior to September 15th. This guarantee is for re-treatment only.
  • The Unmatched Customer Experience – we truly want you to enjoy your outdoor world and be proud of it while enjoying every step of the way.